Employment Advisor Trainer Training

Delivering results and maintaining success in any sector means facing changing situations, retaining staff and developing their skills and abilities. Training your advisors well can be the first step and for that, businesses need to have expert trainers.

VRC can train your Employment Advisor trainers, giving your organisation the sustainability required to maintain the highest level of service and results.

Using our training, your trainers will be able to:

  • prepare new recruits for the work of Employment Advisor
  • upgrade the skills of existing staff
  • install the most effective approaches and techniques for Employment Advice
  • apply effective evidence based skills training method

We will develop and teach your trainers to:

  • understand, demonstrate and apply the highest level of advisory skills
  • apply accessible, friendly and effective methods as they train the Advisors
  • support learners with coaching or mentoring
  • ensure that the new skills are applied in work
  • create and adapt skill-training events and methods
  • review and improve their work
  • work as a trainer-team