VRC provides training and accreditation of learners for

European Disability Employment Practitioner Certificate

The European Disability Employment Practitioner Certificate, accredited in the UK by Pierson to level 4.

VRC offers

  • training to achieve the qualification, for beginner employment advisors, or to upgrade and add to skills of existing staff
  • training designed and delivered in your workplace, by solo study, group work, using face to face, personal mentoring and distance learning according to your needs. In-work practice, which includes gathering evidence for the assessment and qualification is an important element that helps transfer skills from training to professional service delivery
  • supported submission for the qualification: telephone support, guidance and constructive feedback during submission to help you recognise, evaluate and record your own skills
  • rapid self-service qualification, suitable for people who are confident of their skills and their ability to gather evidence for the qualification. Written guidance on the requirements is supplemented by brief phone calls for feedback about the process and progress


A UK / EU personnel certification for people acting as tutors and mentors to people entering work. The qualification accredits the learning and practitioners to ‘ISO17024:2012 Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons’.

This qualification is suitable for in-work learning, practice and assessment. It can be applied to all kinds of mentoring and tutoring situations such as work placement, induction programmes, return to work after illness, in-work supervision and support for employees’ skill development.

It will be helpful for anyone whose role includes helping and developing staff, whether in a formal learning and tutoring role or less formal guidance, encouragement and mentoring. Managers and first line supervisors, trainers or work colleagues will find it enhances their role as guides, motivators, organisers and interpersonal leaders. Personnel officers, occupational health advisors, mentors and guides to apprentices and learners of all kinds will value its balance of workplace achievement with personal capacity and responsibility.