About Us

VRC brings together professionally qualified work-psychologists and respected vocational advisors with many years experience developing and delivering training, as well as, providing counselling and employment support.

What is special about VRC?

Our Standards & Values
We pride ourselves on delivering interventions that work and meet customer needs
We apply the evidence of good-quality research to what we teach, and how we teach it
We do not teach what is fashionable, we teach what the evidence shows to be effective
We work hard to ensure learning is transferred into improved practices/results at work
We use psychological and behavioural concepts, but we will not ply you with psychobabble
We have career long experience of employment programmes in all sectors, and internationally
We are concerned to work in ethical ways, and to help you make your own ethical decisions that benefit your people and your business
We are passionate about the intellectual integrity of our work
We understand about welfare systems and how they affect employment and employers

Our approach
We want our learners to become independent doers and thinkers
We like to enjoy our work, and want other to be part of learning that is challenging and fulfilling
We will deliver the training in a way that works for you, via distance learning or through face to face methods, or one to one support
We adapt training to the needs you define

Meet The Team

David Imber

David Imber is a Professional Member of the VRA and a Fellow of the IEP. He has over 30 yearsvexperience leading employment programmes in the private, charitable and public sectors. He now works on research, training and the design of employment projects, and in consultancy to the EU and overseas government agencies. He provides evidence-based training and qualifications for employment advisors, and has led multi-country projects developing skill courses for employment advisors of disadvantaged people.

Claire Mitchell-Lowe

Claire Mitchell-Lowe worked at a senior level within the public sector employment services for over 13 years as an Employment Advisor and Manager. She is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and has extensive experience designing skills and development training for all organisational levels. She has a particular interest in behavioural change psychology, and has developed and delivered; mentorship programmes to progress careers of junior staff; leadership development training programmes for senior executives; and employment support programmes for recovering substance misusers. She has worked alongside health recovery teams using behavioural change theory, goal theory and motivational psychological techniques to achieve results.

David Booth

David Booth is a DWP UK Senior Occupational Psychologist and a consultant with VRC. He has led the development of training services for the UK Public Employment Service. He has significant expertise and 20 years’ experience of programme design, implementation, development and evaluation in the area of employment and employment counselling. He has designed innovative training products for the target groups. These have been included and evaluated with outstanding success in Ldv ToI project TRAVORS and TRAVORS2. His expertise has also been applied in evaluating the impact of e-learning products within Government Departments with particular expertise in usability and accessibility and experience of designing self-efficacy into programmes. He is a Trustee of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association.